Yosemite National Park reopens road damaged by rockslide

This June 12, 2017, photo provided by the National Park Service shows a rockslide that blocked one of the main roads into Yosemite National Park in California. 

NPS Photo via AP

FRESNO, Calif. -- Officials at Yosemite National Park have reopened a road that was damaged in a rockslide.

Park ranger Scott Gediman says more than 100 dump trucks hauled off rock and debris since the rockslide the size of a two-story house came crashing down on Monday.

The 4,000-ton rockslide blocked one of three popular routes into Yosemite, creating a commuting headache for hundreds of park employees and thousands of tourists who were forced to take detours.

"El Portal Road (Hwy 140) is open; work finished earlier than expected. Be cautious, watch for debris, no stopping in signed rockfall area," the National Park Service said late Saturday on Twitter.

Gediman says a 100-foot stretch of the road will be gravel, so motorists will have to slow down and not stop there.

The damaged road and a stone wall destroyed in the rockslide will be repaired at a later date.