Yosemite employee killed by wind-blown tree

Cars fill a parking lot near Yosemite Falls (background), June 18, 2000 in Yosemite National Park, California.
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LOS ANGELES - A Yosemite National Park employee has died after strong winds uprooted a huge tree that fell on his tent cabin.

Park spokesman Scott Gediman says 27-year-old Ryan Hiller, of Chapel Hill, N.C., was killed Saturday by a branch from the tree. Hiller worked as a park ranger during busy periods, but had been working as a park concessioner and stayed in the Yosemite Valley stable complex as he waited for the winter ski season.

The strong gusts were part of a winter storm sweeping across Northern California over the weekend.

Gedimane says rain fell on the park and winds knocked down many large trees, but no other injuries have been reported.