Yes, We are Still Talking about Janet Jackson's Breast

PHILADELPHIA (CBS/AP) Ah, 2004. John Kerry loses to George W. Bush in the presidential election, the Boston Red Sox break the curse of Babe Ruth with a World Series win, and Janet Jackson flashes a breast during the Super Bowl XXXVIII halftime show while performing with Justin Timberlake. This last one is the important one.

(Photo: An Incident you Might be Aware of)

If you have only a vague notion of what happened after the infamous wardrobe malfunction, it goes like this. People complained, the FCC got involved, a fine was talked about in a very serious fashion - like $550,000 serious.

But don't worry, no one actually paid it. The Supreme Court told a federal appeals court to re-examine the hefty fine levied by the FCC against CBS that that same appeals court had previously thrown out.


That's right - nothing has happened. The fine has not been levied, nor has it been tossed completely. The Supreme Court didn't actually rule on the fine, and the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia hasn't re-ruled on it, either; it's re-examining its decision today.

The wheels of justice turn slowly. Especially regarding cases where the incident under discussion has only been witnessed by a massive television audience.