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Yemeni Shiite Rebels Post Video Of Attack On Army Convoy

(Yemeni Internet forum)
Supporters of Yemeni Shiite rebels, followers of Hussein Badr Eddin al-Huthi, posted a short video on a Yemeni Internet forum, showing four army trucks loaded with ammunition exploding.

The fighting between Yemeni forces and the Huthi supporters began in 2004 when the leader of a Shiite Zaidi sect, Hussein al-Houthi, issued a religious edict (fatwa) against President Ali Abdullah Saleh, accusing him of being an agent of the United States and Israel . Al Huthi then created a group of militants called the Believer Youths and entered into a confrontation against Saleh's forces in a bid to reinstate the Zaidi emirate that was brought to an end in 1962.