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Yellowstone bison charges child; Video becomes lesson

(CBS News) YouTube is not just a source of entertainment, but can also have the uncanny ability to teach us a lesson sometimes. Even when what's on the screen is not the example you want to follow. This became abundantly clear as video began to spread across the Internet in August depicting a child being urged to pet a bison and then narrowly escaping harm's way.

The West Yellowstone Chamber of Commerce was horrified by the video and wrote on their Facebook page:

"This video is one that makes us angry, especially at the irresponsible person behind the camera urging the children "to go ahead and touch him." This group has no idea how incredibly lucky they were that no one was injured or killed. Yellowstone is an incredible place that allows us all to experience wildlife in a way that can you can no where in the world. But, it is also a place where safety rules, regarding wildlife and thermal features, are so important to follow. As a leader or parent or guide, it is your responsiblity to take the time to understand and follow them, and provide the example for others."

So, in case the point hasn't been totally made clear, no person should ever attempt to approach or pet a bison while visiting Yellowstone National Park. Or any other location where bison reside. And for more safety and information about bison, you can visit the Yellowstone National Park's "Frequently Asked Questions About Bison" section of their website by clicking here.
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