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Yeardley Love Murder Leads to New UVa Policies

Nearly four months after University of Virginia (UVA) senior Yeardley Love was found dead inside her apartment, returning students can expect a number of changes to the way campus violence is addressed.

CBS News correspondent Whit Johnson reported from Charlottesville, Va. that back to school carries a heavy reminder this year for students there.

One student told CBS News, "For everyone, it's always gonna be in the back of their mind."

Love's died on May 3, 2010. The body of the UVA lacrosse player was found brutally beaten inside her apartment. Her violent murder resulted in widespread changes to university policy.

Johnson reported students are now required to take online training courses to combat domestic violence. UVA is also stepping up efforts to make students aware of campus resources.

Additionally, students must now disclose all prior arrests or convictions.

Love's accused killer, boyfriend, George Huguely, had previous run-ins with the law that the university claims it was unaware of.

Allen Groves, dean of students at UVA, said, "It's very difficult to ever say that something positive can come out of the death of a young person. ... I think that certainly that there was a greater awareness among students, educators, everyone, about the need to be more vigilant."

And students like Danielle Macgregor are taking it a step further.

She told CBS News, "I think that the student body was really affected by the spring semester and its back in the fall really ready to retain ownership of this community."

With help from nearly 50 classmates, she's launched the "Get Grounded" campaign, an effort to train thousands of students to be more responsible bystanders.

Johnson pointed out last spring no one reported a "prior altercation" between love and Huguely, now revealed in court documents. It allegedly took place just before the 22-year-old was found dead.