Yale Univ. says person with gun reported on campus

UPDATED Mon. Nov. 25 12:23p.m. EST
NEW HAVEN, Conn. - New Haven police are investigating reports that a gunman was seen Monday morning on the campus of Yale University, reports CBS affiliate WFSB.
According to Yale's emergency management website, the gunman was reportedly seen on the university's Old Campus. 
SWAT teams were sighted on Old Campus and a public address announcement was broadcast in dorm rooms, tweeted the Yale Daily News.
Police said they received an anonymous call from a phone booth in the 300 block of Columbus Avenue reporting the sighting, reports WFSB.
Yale police, New Haven police and state police are on the scene, "actively searching for any gunman," the university reported on its website.
At 10:20 a.m., the Yale emergency alert system sent out phone calls and text messages, reports the Yale Daily News.University officials were advising those on campus to shelter in place.