Yackity Yack...Cell Phone Tales

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I promise, no more cell-phone stories for a while. But after my rant last week on cell-phone bad manners, so many of you wrote in with your own horror stories that I want to share a few of them.

Would you believe a driving-school instructor talking on a phone while giving a lesson to a student driver? A viewer named Clyde saw it.

Jeanne from California saw a woman talking on a cell phone at a funeral.

Debbie swears a woman at her church took Communion while talking on a cell phone. Maybe she was talking to the Lord.

On a visit to Washington, Brent and his wife saw a beggar. As they approached, the beggar took a cell phone from his ear and asked if they could spare some change.

And at the Coliseum in Rome, Kurt and his wife saw a man dressed in the authentic costume of a Roman centurion talking on a cell phone. Et tu, Verizon?

To say the least, there were a lot of stories involving cell-phone multitasking in restrooms. My favorite came from Charles, who heard someone in the next stall say, Hello. Startled, he responded, Hi. Which prompted the voice to say, Any plans for tonight?

That brought a quick, Sorry, I'm busy, to which the voice next door responded, I'll just have to call you back. Every time I ask you a question, the idiot in the next stall answers.

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