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Yabba Dabba Vegas

So where did Fred and Wilma Flintstone get married? Not in Boulder, Colo. Not at Stonehenge. Not even at their favorite restaurant, Granite Hollywood.

CBS This Morning Co-Anchor Mark McEwen learned the true story when he visited the set of the new Flintstones movie, Viva Rock Vegas.

The cast of this modern stone-age family includes Mark Addy of The Full Monty as Fred. 3rd Rock From the Sun's Kristen Johnston is Wilma. Steven Baldwin portrays Barney. And Jane Krakowski of Ally McBeal has been transformed into Betty.

"Well, I naturally have blond hair and green eyes," explained Krakowski. "I'm wearing blue eyes. I have a corset on to make my waist as small as it could possibly be," added Krakowski, who graciously thanked the wardrobe people for making her waist "like 23 inches."

"I never thought that was possible," she said.

Addy said he had never been involved in anything of such scale, "I mean, the sets and the costumes and the props and such. It's just spectacular. So it's a lot of fun."

Johnston described it as "sort of a Tarzan kind of thing," where she was able to express herself by yelling "Kelly" as the man of the apes would.

But who couldn't have fun on such a set? Rock Vegas comes complete with the Molten Nugget and Tar Dust casinos. Frank Stoneatra is at the Sands and The Saharock features Stoney Bennett.

"When you see the scale of some of these buildings and the props and the vehicles and stuff, then you realize there's not a lot of room for minimalist acting," said Addy, with a hearty laugh.

Also in the Viva Rock Vegas cast are Harvey Korman and Joan Collins. The movie is set to be released next summer.

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