"X Factor": Shocking double elimination

L-R: L.A. Reid, Britney Spears, Demi Lovato and Simon Cowell live on THE X FACTOR, Wednesday, November 28 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.
Ray Mickshaw / FOX

Contestants on "The X Factor" faced a double elimination round on Thursday night, whittling down the group to six in a shocking episode.

(Spoiler Alert)

Judge Simon Cowell told CeCe Frey, a member of Demi Lovato's Young Adults, that she should "pack a suitcase" after her performance on "Lady Marmalade," but America seemed to disagree, ranking her in the fifth spot of the eight contestants.

Instead, Paige Thomas from Lovato's Young Adults was eliminated after L.A. Reid called her rendition of Rick Astley's "Never Going to Give You Up" her "best performance" so far and Cowell sang her praises, saying she "looked like a legitimate pop star."

After Thomas' elimination Britney Spears teen group member Diamond White and Vino Alan, a member of Reid's Over 25s, had a sing-off to see who was going to be sent home.

White sang Beyonce's "I Was Here" and Alan sang Ray LaMontagne's "Trouble." Spears went with White and both Cowell and Lovato, who were having a hard time deciding, went with White in the end, ultimately eliminating Alan.

Here are the remaining top six:

1. Carly Rose Soneclar

2. Tate Stevens

3. Emblem3

4. Fifth Harmony

5. CeCe Frey

6. Diamond White