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Wyclef Jean uses sounds from Juno's Jupiter orbit for new song

Wyclef Jean's newest single is pretty out there — way out there. The rapper sampled sounds from Jupiter, recorded by the Juno spacecraft that's been orbiting the planet since last year.

The track, "Borrowed Time," is part of a new project between NASA and Apple Music. USA Today reports that NASA and Apple Music are working together to create a series of songs by artists like Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross that use sounds from Juno. 

"I was interested to hear what was coming from Jupiter," Jean told USA Today. "What I heard was a collage of vibrations that sounded to me like a piano. I heard low tones, mid-range, high tones — it almost sounded like a new patch of sonics that have not been revealed yet to the public."

Listeners can hear the sounds of Jupiter throughout the track, which is from Jean's upcoming album, "Carnival III: The Fall and Rise of a Refugee." Jean told USA Today that he wanted to create a socially conscious song. 

"The whole idea of this record is, between Earth and space, we're really on borrowed time," Jean said. "So we have to love each other, not hate each other. We have to try and be progressive and move things forward, not backward." 

The rapper also said he wants his fans to draw inspiration from the track.  

"I have to send a message to the world to say, 'It's OK to fall and it's OK to get beat up and thrown down,'" he said. "But the idea is to get up, dust yourself off and keep running."

Listen to the track below.