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Wyatt Andrews

Wyatt Andrews has been a CBS News national correspondent since 1991. He works primarily for the CBS Evening News and contributes to the broadcast's "Eye on America" series, covering national trends in areas including health care, genetic advances, high technology and the ongoing controversy surrounding Taser stun guns.

While based in Washington, D.C., Andrews served as a CBS News White House correspondent (1989-91) during the first Bush administration and covered the State Department (1988-89).

He was CBS News' Moscow correspondent and bureau chief (1986-88) during a crucial period in Soviet history. Andrews covered the early reforms of Mikhail Gorbachev, the Chernobyl nuclear reactor accident, the release of dissident Andre Sakharov and arms control.

He was assigned to CBS News' Tokyo bureau (1984-86), where he covered stories throughout Asia, including the assassination of Indira Gandhi. Andrews joined CBS News in 1981 as a reporter in its Atlanta bureau.

He has won three Emmy Awards: for coverage of the Gandhi assassination (1984), the Reagan-Gorbachev summit in Reykjavik, Iceland (1986) and the arrest of the Washington sniper (2003).

Prior to joining CBS News, Andrews was a reporter for WPLG-TV Miami (1979-81), where he received a local Emmy Award for his reports on the exodus of Haitian refugees, as well as an Emmy and a Sigma Delta Chi Award for his series on the crime wave in Miami in 1980.

He was a reporter for WFTV Orlando (1977-79) and WTVR-TV Richmond, Va., (1974-77).

Andrews was born in New Orleans and grew up in Norfolk, Va. Andrews was graduated from the University of Virginia in 1974 with honors with a B.A. in government and foreign affairs. He and his wife live in Vienna, Va., with their four children.

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