Wrestler Scott Hall at rock bottom in ESPN doc

(CBS) - Scott Hall was one of the titans of the 90's wrestling scene. As Razor Ramone, he was one of the greatest heels in the WWE (then known as the WWF.) He joined the WCW and was part of the original "nWo" clique alongside heavyweights like Hulk Hogan and Kevin Nash.

Tragically, Hall eventually fell out of the spotlight and into a world of alcoholism and drug addiction. As this preview from ESPN's upcoming "E:60" documentary on the wrestler's life shows, when Hall fell, he fell hard.

The description in the video previews lays it out:

At the height of professional wrestling in the 90's, Scott Hall was adored by millions, his name chanted by loyal fans. Today, he has hit rock bottom. E:60 follows his descent from superstar to a broken man battling alcoholism and drug addiction, but still trying to hold onto the glory he once found in the ring.

The program airs next Wednesday on ESPN.