WOW: Woman catches monster goldfish

huge goldfish

(CBS) - You probably read the headline and thought, "Monster goldfish? Is that like a jumbo shrimp? How big could it be?" The answer: really big. Kansas City native Olivia Riley was out fishing for catfish when she caught this golden freak of nature instead. Watch and be amazed by this gargantuan goldy.

Riley told local news station KMBC she thought she'd caught a traffic cone at first. "I was really amazed. It was a beautiful fish, something to see up close." As for how this monster ended up in a lake, Riley had some thoughts. "There are a lot of theories," she said. "One that he went down the old toilet bowl and ended up in the right place."

The golden giant was released back into the lake. Good thing too, because it's hard to imagine a fish bowl big enough for that monster.