WOW: Harrison High School does school-wide "lip dub" with 1,000 students

(CBS) - Back in my day we used to have school-wide "pep rallies" to show our school spirit. But times have changed and one high school has re-invented the wheel with a very cool "lip dub" of the band "All-American Rejects" involving 1,000 students - wow!  Give me a W for winning, Harrison High School!

The "lip dub" kicks in at about 57 seconds into the clip.

Harrison High School's Broadcast/Video Production Program teamed up with the school's Sources of Strength program to create a fun video with a message to teens basically saying don't give up and try your best. That's a message I can get behind and this is a video I can watch over and over again - as I'm sure you will, too.