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Would-Be Burglars Foiled By Billiard Balls

A Texas woman has a unique home defense system - hurling billiard balls at would-be robbers from the roof of her house.

Paula Ollie heard noises outside of her North Richland Hills home Wednesday afternoon and took action, reports CBS station KTVT. The 27-year-old mother collected several pool balls and placed them in her son's bicycle helmet.

"The pool balls just looked like the most aerodynamic, heaviest things I could get a hold of right then," she said.

Ollie went out through the back door and climbed a tree to get to her roof - all while clenching the bike helmet's strap in her teeth. Once on the roof, she unleashed her unconventional defense.

"I hollered out 'Death from above!' I'm not kidding. And no sooner than I said that, I started chucking pool balls at them."

The suspected burglars ran off after the pelting, though Ollie couldn't get a good lock at them.

For her family, Ollie's actions came as no surprise.

"With Paula, this is just normal," said brother-in-law Frank Richardson. "She doesn't do anything like the average person."

The suspects may have gotten off easy - Ollie said she only grabbed the pool balls because she couldn't find her crossbow or pellet gun.

Local Video from CBS 11 / TXA 21 in Dallas/Fort Worth