Worst mailman's assistant in the history of ever (but a very funny and cute dog)

(CBS News) If you're like me, you've probably had a bit of a love-hate relationship with mail over time. On the hate end, I've had an occasional letter or packages go missing. Oh, well, it happens.  But if I owned the dog in the above video, I'd know exactly where to look first.  Wait for it...

The caught-on-tape, animal antics video entitled "Bubbles waits for the post" was posted by YouTube user Pottybursar who writes about the amusing moment:

Crazy shih tzu savages mail and squeaks toy

Worst mailman's assistant ever!  But, luckily, the little Shih Tzu is a very funny and cute dog. Don't you ever change, Bubbles, because we here at The Feed love you just the way you are!