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"Worst" Couldn't Keep Cook On "Idol"

Kristy Lee Cook has been among the bottom three vote-getters on "American Idol" more than once, but she's always managed to survive for another week.

Despite praise from Mariah Carey and her position as's contestant of choice, Cook was kicked off the show Wednesday night.

The 24-year-old resident country singer from Selma, Ore., was the latest casualty as the Fox sing-off narrowed the competition to six finalists.

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Cook had been the current choice of, a Web site that encourages its audience to vote for the contestant the site selects as the worst (or weirdest) on the show.

"I think this year the crop of contestants is so boring, it's a crap shoot who goes home each week. But honestly, I (like the rest of America) thought Kristy would go home in 10th place, so 7th isn't too shabby!" founder Dave Della Terza told

Now Della Terza and his audience are faced with the task of choosing a new "worst" contestant on the show.

"Right now we're deciding for the worst between Brooke (White) and Jason (Castro), with an outside shot on Carly (Smithson) because we like to make fun of her a lot for being a liar," Della Terza said. "But because we probably can't bring ourselves to stomach voting for Carly, it'll be Brooke or Jason."

Though guest mentor Carey said Cook's rendition of "Forever" gave her chills, judge Simon Cowell was not so impressed.

"You didn't give me chills," said Cowell. "I think you managed with what you could, it was a little bit whiny at times. It wasn't ever going to be an advantage for you."

Cowell acknowledged that Cook made a good song choice but added that her performance "just wasn't that great."

Brooke White and Syesha Mercado joined Cook with the lowest number of votes on Wednesday's results show. When asked to predict the loser, Cowell said: "Maybe Kristy - you know, your time's up this time, sweetheart."

Cook wiped away tears, but took the eviction in stride. She directed her reprisal of "Forever" to Cowell, who grinned awkwardly, taking her hand at one point.

The telecast also featured performances by "Idol" also-ran Elliott Yamin and Carey, who sang "Bye Bye" from her new album "EMC2."