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World's Ugliest Cat

Ken MacLeod of WBZ In Boston reports on an odd looking cat who is a minor celebrity in Stratham, N.H.

"Ugly Bat Boy" -- "Uggs" for short -- is mostly bald except for a furry mane. He's not a rare breed, but rather a genetic mystery owned by a veterinarian in Stratham. He even had a sister that looked the same way, but who died.

Uggs is mostly bald, wrinkly and has a rat's tail. What's not to love? At, we think he looks a little like the Cowardly Lion from the Wizard of Oz. Or maybe the Chinese crested dog (see our ugliest dog photo essay at left) that keeps winning "ugliest dog" honors at U.S. dog shows.

Here's the WBZ video and story:

Local Video from WBZ in Boston

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