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"World's Strongest Redneck" trims hedges with a chainsaw on a rope

(CBS)- Do you ever feel bored by the mundane act of trimming your hedges? Do you wish there was a faster and more efficient way to do so? Is your middle name "Danger"?  Regardless of if you answered yes to all of those questions, NEVER try this at home.  And that warning isn't just aimed at kids - watch and see.

Not really sure why this dude is so excited. The lawn mower on a stick idea, which I'm including below, appears to work much better while being a lot safer.

Swinging a chainsaw around on a rope will not only put your life in immediate danger, but will also result in the worst and most uneven trimming of your hedges. Like really, you have so little control over maintaining a straight line, when you finished using the chainsaw you'll need the lawn mower on the stick.

As a result of his genius idea, I am nominating the self proclaimed "world's strongest redneck" as most promising prospect towards the 2011 "Darwin Award".

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