World's hottest violin virtuoso: Charlie Siem

Charlie Siem
World's hottest violin virtuoso: Charlie Siem Musician known for his good looks has success, passion for musical perfection and attention from Lady Gaga and The Who

Charlie Siem is the world's hottest violin virtuoso. And while you may not know his music yet, you might have seen his face as a model in magazines like Vogue.

But Siem, just 25 years old, has made music his main vocation. In recent years, he has played on stages around the world, from London's Royal Albert Hall to New York's Carnegie Hall.

He began playing at an early age; in fact, during a recent interview in New York he said that his first memory -- at age 3 -- is of a violin on the radio.

"The sound of the instrument is just what inspired me," Siem said.

When Siem picked up the violin, he said his parents couldn't get him to put it down. And he's still working to perfect his sound.

"You're always refining it, there are always ways you can work at. There are always ways you can get better," he said. "That's what makes me keep playing every day is the fact that I'm not quite there, you know. There's always more for me to be able to do."

For more with Siem and the story of his path to success, as well as the interest he's garnered from notable artists outside the world of classical music -- including The Who and Lady Gaga -- watch the video in the player above.