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World's 1st "Test-Tube Baby" Gives Birth

The world's first test tube baby – 28-year-old Louise Brown of England – gave birth to her first child in late December, the Associated Press reported Monday.

The baby boy, Cameron John Mullinder, weighed just under 6 pounds when he was born Dec. 20 in Bristol. He was conceived naturally.

Louise Brown was born July 25, 1978. Three years ago she married Wesley Mullinder.

Louise Brown isn't the first test tube baby to give birth. That distinction was claimed by her sister Natalie in 1999, the AP reported.

Louise Brown was conceived by what was then ground-breaking in-vitro fertilization (IVF), which is now a common procedure. The likelihood of an infertile couple having a baby through IVF is now about one in five, about the same odds of natural conception by a fertile couple.

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