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World of Weddings: How couples celebrate love around the globe

In our World of Weddings series, "CBS This Morning" is exploring the different ways people get married and celebrate their love around the globe. From India to the United States, and South Africa to Israel, we sent a team of correspondents to witness unique ceremonies and understand what marriage means in different cultures.

In India, arranged marriages are as strong as ever

In our first report, Ramy Inocencio travels to India, a country where modern technology is blending with centuries-old marriage traditions. Amidst all the food, fireworks and high-end production of an Indian wedding celebration, centuries-old traditions like arranged marriages remain alive and well there. About 90% of all Indian weddings are arranged.

World of Weddings: India blends tradition and tech for arranged marriages 05:40

In the U.S., tiny ceremonies are a budget-friendly solution

In the United States, we introduce you to a couple who met online and are bucking traditions to make the wedding work for them — and their budget of $8,000. Adriana Diaz takes a look at the tiny weddings trend, where beautiful wedding packages can be a bite-sized version of the lavish parties.

World of Weddings: American couples opt for budget-friendly tiny ceremonies 06:23

In South Africa, a mixed-race couple blends tradition with modern ceremony

Once outlawed and punishable by prison, celebrating love across racial and cultural barriers would have been unimaginable in apartheid South Africa. Debora Patta meets one modern and mixed-race couple that shows us what it's like incorporating traditional African customs with a thoroughly modern celebration.

World of Weddings: Couple in South Africa celebrate with tradition, culminating with modern ceremony 05:23

In Israel, a same-sex couple finds legal loophole for marriage

Gay marriage is not legal in Israel. While the country embraces gay tourists, it lags behind when it comes to gay rights. Seth Doane traveled to Tel Aviv where he met a same-sex couple who had to find a legal loophole to get their marriage recognized.

World of Weddings: Same-sex couples in Israel find legal loophole to recognize marriages 05:25
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