Women's Bodies Choosy About Sperm, Not Just Guy Who Makes It

Sperms and Egg. Digitally Generated Image
Swimming spermatozoa
Sperms and Egg. Digitally Generated Image (iStockphoto)

(CBS) Women are not just choosy about their mates, Australian scientists say. Their bodies are choosy with sperm too.

"It's rather like a two-way dance," University of Adelaide professor Sarah Robertson said, according to Discovery.com.

"The male provides information that increases the chances of conception and progression to pregnancy, but the female body has a quality control system which needs convincing that his sperm is compatible."

Oh, brother. Sperm has to be compatible too?

According to Discovery, Robertson says "sperm contains 'signaling molecules' that activate immunity changes in a woman so her body accepts it."

The research is important for couples who are having trouble conceiving and may eventually lead to new treatments for infertility - or maybe just give men one more thing to worry about.

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