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Women Spend Three Years Primping

Women don't take an eternity to get dressed up for a night on the town -- only three years!

A beauty survey commissioned by the British beauty brand Nephria found women spend almost three years of their life getting ready to leave the house, according to Marie Claire magazine.

And what about the men?

They're left waiting an average of 17.42 minutes each time, while their partners finish getting ready. That adds up to a day and a half a year and almost three months during their lifetime.

The results are based on a poll of 3,000 of Nephria brand users.

As for women, they take an average of an hour and 12 minutes getting ready -- the equivalent of three years over a lifetime.

But what takes so long?

Women spend 22 minutes showering and shaving their legs, seven minutes moisturizing, 23 minutes styling/drying their hair, 14 minutes on make-up, and six minutes getting dressed, according to the survey.

But "Early Show" co-anchor Maggie Rodriguez said on "The Early Show" Friday, she spends just 34 minutes getting ready at work and at home.

She said, "Ask my husband, (it's) absolutely true."

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