Women And Heart Attacks

There's a new report coming out that indicates American women have deadlier heartt attacks than men. Not more heart attacks, deadlier ones.

Researchers in Spain say the death rate for women during the first 28 days after a first heart attack was l8.5 percent. That compares with 8.3 percent for men. That's a 72 percent greater risk for women.

For the first six months after a first heart attack, about the same figures. This will surprise a lot of people. Surprised your reporter. Exactly why is hard to say. Let's just leave it at this: For a long while it has just been supposed that men, who have as many or more heart attacks, have more deadly ones.

Heart attacks have a reputation of being more masculine than feminine. Like a lot of reputations, it isn't true. And that has become increasingly apparent, also better known, in recent years. But, back to the question. Why do women have more deadly heart attacks than men?

Well, some doctors think it may have something to do with women, generally, not exercising as much and in as many different ways as men. Especially as they get older. Diet may have something to do with it.

Women, generally speaking, are not tested as much or as thoroughly as men for potential heart problems. Women tend to wait longer than men to get to a hospital for treatment. And then there is this: Women have to put up with men. Not scientific, admittedly, but, hey, a lot of women will agree with it.

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