Woman Steals $92 from Florida Girl Scout, But Leaves the Cookies Behind

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Florida Women Robs 7-Year-old Girl Scout Vanessa Bergeron of Cookie Money
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PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. (CBS) Girl Scouts across the county have launched their annual cookie campaign, an 80-year tradition, that is exciting not only for Thin Mint lovers, but also for the young girls experiencing the thrill of the sale for the first time.

However, for one 7-year-old from Palm Beach Gardens, Fla. the sweet experience soured after a woman stole all of her day's earnings, almost $100.

Girl Scout Vanessa Bergeron, along with the help of her mother Missy, had set up a cookie stand Sunday night outside the community's local supermarket.

Everything was going smoothly for Vanessa and Missy, until what seemed like an ordinary sale went extremely wrong, reports local station WPBF.

"I went over to her car and I had the box of cookies like this and I was counting out the money. She took the money and was acting like she was going to go in her purse and she gassed the car and almost ran me over," Missy told WBPF.

The woman driving the maroon, four-door Honda allegedly sped away with $92 in cash.

"I would've given her a couple dollars out of my own money but to rob from two little girls like that you really have some issues," Missy said.

Immediately following the incident, Missy called police because she was concerned the same woman might strike other troops' cookie stands.

Although police have not yet caught the cookie monster, patrons of the surrounding businesses who got wind of what happened decided to donate money to help cover the losses.