Black Widow spider found in container of grapes, woman says

TROY, Mich.-- A Michigan woman says she found an unwelcome surprise in a container of grapes she bought at a local store, reports CBS Detroit.

Ariel Jackson, of Troy, said she discovered a Black Widow spider while rinsing grapes she bought from Walmart. Jackson told WWJ Newsradio that she called 911 after quickly shutting the lid of the grapes when she spotted the poisonous creature.

"All of the sudden I just see this black spider come crawling out," she said.

Jackson said she told the 911 operator that it wasn't really an emergency, but she found a Black Widow spider in her grapes and wasn't sure what to do.

"He kind of just paused and was like, 'Kill it' and I was like 'You want me to kill it? You're not going to send anyone over?' This is a poisonous spider and he's like, 'Yeah, just kill it and throw it away,'" Jackson recalled to WWJ.

A Walmart spokesperson told CBS Detroit they are taking the matter seriously and are investigating the allegations.

Jackson said her boyfriend and her brother-in-law took the container outside. They sprayed the spider with insect killer until they were positive it was dead.