Woman punched mom, kicked out patrol car window, say Ohio police

(CBS) WESTERVILLE, Ohio - Police say Ashlie Tesi, who was arrested Tuesday night after allegedly punching her mother, was caught on camera kicking out the window of the police car she was detained in and will now face felony charges, CBS affiliate WBNS reports.

Police say the incident started when Tesi caught the eye of a passing patrolman as she ran across a highway in Westerville, Ohio.

According to WBNS, police say Tesi had an argument with her mother in which she punched her mother in the face and bit her. He mother had pulled over the car and that is when Tesi ran across the road in view of police.

Tesi reportedly immediately turned on police.

"She began charging the officers yelling that she was going to kick- you know, fight them. She wanted to fight them and beat them up," said Sgt. Rich Lyon, of Genoa Township Police Department.

Even after Tesi was cuffed, she still violently resisted arrest, WBNS reports.

"While trying to place her in the back of the car, she began kicking, kicked a couple officers. Eventually, a Taser had to be deployed to try to gain control of her," Lyon said.

In the video, an officer can be seen preparing to escort Tesi into the police station. But before he can do so, she kicked out a window, spraying the officer with broken glass.

According to the station, police said none of the arresting officers were seriously hurt.

While authorities attribute Tesi's behavior to too much alcohol, her father, who spoke with WBNS, denied alcohol was involved and said his daughter was "hurting."

Tesi is facing a list of charges, including assaulting an officer and vandalism, both felony counts, the station reports.

She was released without bond.