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Woman KO'd In Kickboxing Match Dies

A 34-year-old Atlanta kickboxer has died after she was knocked unconscious during an amateur tournament in Orlando over the weekend.

The Orange County Sheriff's Office said Tuesday that Adrienne Simmons was participating in the International Kickboxing Match held at a hotel Sunday. During the final third round, she was hit with a left hook that knocked her unconscious.

The organizer of the event has been quoted as saying there were no emergency crews at the tournament but a fire station was just down the street, reports CBS affiliate WKMG in Orlando.

WKMG: Kickboxer Dies 2 Days after Match in Fla.

"She wanted to fight because she wanted to feel stronger, because in the past she didn't feel as strong as she wanted to," boyfriend Chike Ajudua told WFTV.

The fight was stopped and a doctor tended to her. She was taken to a hospital where she was treated for two days before dying.

A sheriff's office spokeswoman says the death is considered an accident.

The tournament was sponsored by the International Kickboxing Federation.