Woman killed after being hit by vehicle at farmers' market

A woman was killed Sunday when a pickup truck hit a New Jersey farmers' market, police say. Several others were injured in the incident, which took place just as the market was ending.

CBS New York reports the red pickup truck ran through the barricades of the market in Hawthorne, N.J., hitting two people and continued driving, hitting another woman who became lodged under the truck.

The woman was dragged for several blocks before stopping, according to Hawthorne mayor Richard Goldberg. She later died. The driver was taken into police custody.

"Unthinkable that you could drag someone that far and not realize that you've done something," he said.

Bailey Hildebrand, 21, was one of the victims hit by the truck, but was in good enough condition to return to the farmers' market after being released from the hospital.

"Just briefly the red truck coming at us, and then tomatoes flying up in the air and then I was in the ambulance on my way to the hospital," she said.

Hawthorne said the one fortunate thing in the incident was that the market was closing down, and there were not as many people in the area as there had been earlier.