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Woman Has Needless Double Mastectomy, Sues

A woman who underwent a double mastectomy says in a lawsuit that she didn't have cancer, after all.

Darrie Eason, 35, of Long Beach, on Long Island, N.Y., says her ordeal was due to a lab mix-up.

A state health department report said Eason's tissue sample was mislabeled at the CBLPath lab in Rye Brook, N.Y., because a technician "cut corners."

Eason, a single mother of a 15-year-old, filed the lawsuit last month against the laboratory, seeking an undisclosed sum.

CBLPath CEO William Curtis said he was familiar with Eason's case, but could not discuss specifics because of federal privacy laws.

He said the doctor who signed off on Eason's diagnosis no longer works for the company, but her departure "has nothing to do with this case."

He said the technician responsible for the mix-up also no longer works there.

Eason spoke about her ordeal on The Early Show Thursday with co-anchor Hannah Storm.

Eason said her first reaction when told she had cancer was, "Please, don't let me die."

Now, she told Storm, "The most important thing to happen is that this doesn't happen to anybody else. No woman ever has to go through this. It's bad enough being told you have cancer, you know, but then all the other things that go with it."

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