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Woman Gets New Name On eBay

What's in a name?

Apparently lots of money, if you get it on eBay.

A Tennessee mother of five decided to do just that. Her offer to sell her identity on the eBay Web site brought a final bid of just over $15,000.

Terri Iligan says, "I was driving one day and I told my husband, I don't think anyone's tried to sell their name on eBay yet. So I put it up for auction and I got all kind of responses within 24 hours of it being listed."

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Illigan put her identity up for auction on eBay with the person or company
who agreed to pay the most getting the right to legally change her name
for the rest of her life.

It's an interesting way to make money, but here's the catch: Her new name will be "golden-palace-dot-com." That's the gambling Internet site that made the winning bid.

The Early Show's Dave Price suggests that perhaps friends can call her Goldie.

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