Woman Finds Finger in Salad, Sues IHOP

From The Smoking Gun and the Hallandale Police Department, a woman is suing IHOP after finding a severed human fingertip in her salad in 2008.
The Smoking Gun/Hallandale Police
After biting into her fried chicken green salad at a Florida IHOP, Nadine Robinson felt something with a "rubbery texture" in her mouth. That rubbery object turned out to be the severed tip of a human finger, and now Robinson is suing the restaurant chain.

The episode, reported by The Smoking Gun, took place in Hallandale, Florida in November 2008. Ronald Neilly, a cook at the IHOP, accidentally cut off the tip of his finger as he prepared the food. After being rushed to the hospital, no one could find the severed digit.

It turned up on the plate of Robinson, 42, who was eating brunch with her family after Sunday church services. In her negligence suit against the International House of Pancakes and the 35-year-old Neilly, Robinson said the "freshly cut human flesh and blood" exposed her to possible health issues.

According to the report, the lawsuit cites damages in excess of $15,000, but a claim letter to the restaurant's insurance company asks for $18 million for Robinson and her husband, plus $2.5 million for their daughter, who also took a bite of the salad.

The IHOP was cited by the Occupational Safety Health Administration for a "serious" violation.