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Woman convicted of kidnapping, molesting girl, 5, in Phila.

PHILADELPHIA - A former day care worker has been convicted of abducting a 5-year-old girl from her Philadelphia classroom and sexually assaulting her during a 19-hour ordeal.

Christina Regusters, 21, was convicted of all counts Friday - including kidnapping, aggravated assault, and indecent deviate sexual intercourse - less than 24 hours after the jury began deliberating, according to CBS Philly.

Prosecutors said Regusters donned a Muslim dress and veil to pose as the girl's mother and take her from Bryant Elementary School in January 2013, then posed as three different people to trick the blindfolded child. The girl was found the next morning, in only a t-shirt, at a playground in the cold in Upper Darby, outside Philadelphia.

The defense had questioned whether Regusters could have acted alone. But prosecutors said she had viewed child pornography and looked up how to destroy DNA evidence.

Police said the young victim helped track down her abuser by remembering key details about her abduction, telling cops about a talking bird. CBS Philly reports that Regusters' household was found to include a foul-mouthed talking macaw.

"This is a child who was able to provide more detail and more information than most adults," said Assistant District Attorney Erin O'Brien after the trial. "She is an amazing, courageous child, and hopefully this gives her come closure."

Regusters will be sentenced in December, according to the station. Prosecutors said they will ask for a life prison term. Regusters had previously rejected a plea deal that would have given her 40-80 years in prison.