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Woman back from the dead after CPR

No one can believe Debbie Biggles is still alive.

Last Saturday, Biggles, a dog groomer at Kosmos Doghouse in Scottsdale, Ariz., was busy getting a golden labradoodle into the bath when she fell to the floor unconscious.

Biggles was clinically dead for 26 minutes but survived thanks to her colleague, Chelsea Loucks.

"I saw her laying on the floor in the back corner," Loucks told CBS affiliate KPHO in Scottsdale, Ariz. "She was like blue-purple-ish."

Debbie Biggles is alive and well after her heart stopped for 26 minutes. KPHO-TV
Loucks took Biggles' pulse -- nothing -- and also could see her breathing was shallow. She started chest compressions on Biggles to the beat of the Bee Gees hit "Staying Alive," just as she'd been taught in a CPR lesson years ago.

And the effort paid off -- Biggles stayed alive.

"She's my angel, she saved me," said Biggles.

Kurt Solem, the ER doctor who saw Biggles when she arrived at the hospital, said her heart was beating and her blood pressure was stable by then. However, he was initially uncertain Biggles would make a full recovery. "In fact, I wrote down the prognosis is grim and neurological damage was highly likely," he said. "I can only describe that, with her being neurologically intact, a miracle, that's it."

Watch the video above to see her amazing story.

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