Woman Attempts Bank Robbery, Then Attempts to Eat Note, Say Police

Lois Harvey with Blond Hair; Police Officer in Line Behind her. (FBI)

COLUMBUS, Ohio (CBS/KPHO/AP) Word to the wise: If you're trying to rob a bank, you should probably make sure there isn't a cop behind you.

According to Ohio police, 40-year-old Lois Harvey was all set to rob a bank - she had a note and sunglasses and everything.

But cops say that when she noticed a uniformed officer standing in line behind her, she proceeded to "abort mission" and attempted to eat the note.

Lois Harvey (FBI)

Special Agent Harry Trombitas said Harvey, in sunglasses, handed the teller the note at a Columbus Chase bank branch Wednesday morning.

Trombitas said in a statement that the off-duty officer wasn't aware of what was going on, but when the woman noticed him, she grabbed the note and fled.

Outside, the officer arrested the Columbus woman. Trombitas said she tried to swallow the note as she was nabbed, but then coughed it up onto the sidewalk.

She remains in jail after a judge set her bond at $250,000.

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