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Woman assaults nephew in toilet paper tantrum, say S.C. cops

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There are actually more germs on the floor of a public bathroom (hang up your purse!) than on the toilet seat. If the bathroom seems especially gross, cover the seat with toilet paper or a paper toilet seat cover from the dispenser. But don't worry too much. If you have a healthy immune system, you'll be able to resist whatever germs you're exposed to while on the john. istockphoto

(CBS/WSPA) UNION, S.C. - Police say a 53-year-old South Carolina woman beat her nephew on Tuesday after he used the toilet paper she bought.

Are times really that tough?

CBS affiliate WSPA reports that Linda Kay Johnson was charged with assault and battery for attacking her nephew, 27-year-old Johnathan West.

According to police, West said he was lying on his bed when Johnson came into the room and threw a glass ashtray at him. It missed, but then his aunt grabbed him and pushed him out of his room, hitting him in the face and pulling his hair.

Authorities said he had red marks to his chest and an injury above his eye.

When police arrived at the home, Johnson was sitting on the front porch. She said, "Just take me to jail, I'm ready."  She was taken to the Union County jail.

We're guessing Aunt Linda may have issues that transcend toilet paper.

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