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Woman Arrested for DUI for Vanilla Extract and Diet Coke Mixer?

Kelly Moss (WREG) WREG

ARLINGTON, Tenn. (CBS/WREG) A 48-year-old Germantown, Tenn. woman has been charged with DUI after her car hopped a curb and nearly hit a telephone pole.

Police were shocked when they discovered that Kelly Moss, who police say was unable to stand on her own, did not reek of alcohol, but vanilla.

Moss appeared in court Friday and was granted a $4000 bond for the incident that was allegedly brought on by a potent combination of Diet Coke and a bottle of vanilla extract. The extract contains 35 percent alcohol by volume, reports CBS affiliate WREG.

Police found Moss slumped over the wheel of her car and unable to speak clearly, but were more shocked by the empty containers that were in the car.

According to a police affidavit, they found a "nearly empty 8 ounce bottle of vanilla extract and a partially empty bottle of Diet Coke..."

Sam Palmer, a resident in the area where Moss' car ran aground, says he saw her vehicle jump "up over the curb...and went to see if she had hit the telephone pole. She hadn't hit that, but she had both wheels on the curb."

This is Moss' third DUI arrest, and hopefully her last. She is due back in court August 19.

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