Woman, 79, shows gun to snow shoveler who demanded money

Spencer Platt/Getty Images

LOWELL, Mass. - A man apparently trying to make a quick buck this winter in Lowell, Mass. picked the wrong house to go after on Tuesday.

Police say the man, who was not identified, shoveled out an elderly couple’s driveway without asking and then proceeded to knock on their door and demand money for his efforts, reports CBS Boston.

Instead, the 79-year-old woman who lives there reportedly told the man to go away and closed the door on him.

The shoveler kept on knocking, so the woman, who has a license to carry a firearm, returned to the door with a gun in her hand, and again told the man to get off of her property. She later told officers she was worried the man might try to break into the house, according to the station.

Police were called and officers spoke to the shoveler and the homeowner. Officials say they do not consider the incident to be criminal in nature. They noted that the woman did not point the weapon at the man or make any verbal threats. She also has a permit for the weapon, so no laws were broken.

CBS Boston’s radio affiliate spoke briefly with the woman on Wednesday morning while she was shoveling snow off the roof of her car. She asked to be left alone - a request which was granted.