Wolfson Wants Charlie To Stay

Yonkers native Howard Wolfson, former Clinton strategist and spouse of top Pelosi aide Terri McCullough, thinks Charlie should stay for the good of Gotham:

Wolfson writes on his blog:

"Having a New Yorker at the helm of the Committee that writes this nation's tax policy will be vital at a time when the City and State may be heading into the worst fiscal crisis since the mid-70s.

Rangel will be in a position to deliver big for New York at a time when New Yorkers will desperately need it.

As a (currently relocated) New Yorker, I would not give that up just because Rangel has one too many rent controlled apartments or failed to pay taxes on a rental property. Do I excuse this? No. But his misdeeds simply don't measure up when weighed against the great good he can do for the City and the State."