Witnesses: No Sign Of Jackson Plot

Michael Jackson pauses behind his mother to look back toward his fans as he arrives at the Santa Barbara County Courthouse, Monday, May 16, 2005 in Santa Maria, Calif. for continuing testimony in Jackson's trial on charges of child molestation.
A security guard at Michael Jackson's Neverland ranch testified Monday that he caught the pop star's teenage accuser and his brother with a bottle of wine, and a maid told the jury that she saw adult magazines in the brother's backpack.

Defense attorneys in Jackson's child molestation trial called the Neverland employees to challenge prosecution claims that it was Jackson who exposed the children to alcohol and adult materials — suggesting instead that the boys found the items on their own.

The defense also attacked the family's claims of being held against their will, calling witnesses who said there was no hint of captivity when the mother went to a spa for a body waxing or when her children went to an orthodontist to have their braces removed.

The trips to the spa and orthodontist occurred at a time when the family was allegedly being held captive by the pop star and associates. The mother has described the dental visit as a ruse to try to escape.

But Jim Moret, a courtroom observer, tells CBS' Maneul Gallegus that today's testimony implied that the family could have left the ranch should they have felt trapped.

"They were left alone, they could have called for help, they could have escaped," Moret said. "The didn't. The implication is they didn't because they weren't being held against their will."

Jackson, 46, is accused of molesting a 13-year-old boy in February or March 2003 and giving him wine. He is also accused of conspiring to hold the boy's family captive to get them to rebut a TV documentary in which the boy appeared with Jackson, who said let children sleep in his bed but it was non-sexual.

Prosecutors have said that Jackson showed the boys sexually explicit material on the Internet and in adult magazines, suggesting it was a precursor to molestation.

Security guard Shane Meredith testified Monday that he found the boys in the wine cellar, which has an entrance behind a juke box in Neverland's arcade, after noticing that the juke box door was open.

Meredith said he went down the stairs and surprised the boys.

"I saw the two children laughing, giggling," Meredith said. "I could see them with a bottle of alcohol. ... I told them they needed to get out of that area right now. ... They were pretty shaken."

Meredith noted that the bottle was half-full.

Neverland maid Maria Gomez also testified she once saw adult magazines in a backpack that she believed belonged to the accuser's brother. The backpack was in a guest unit.

Testifying through a Spanish-language interpreter, Gomez also said that the boys' mother praised Jackson as "a blessing to them," but about a week later "started talking about being there against her will ... that we should help her leave."

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