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More About People Featured On '48 Hours'

The Web has a huge number of sites related to the stories told on this week's show, and to expert testimony of all sorts. We found some of the most useful and interesting spots.

Terri's Fire: Find out more about the Terri Hinson case at this site created by the Raleigh News and Observer.
Another Case Read about another fire-related crime involving two characters from this week's show, Gerald Hurst and Fred Zain.

Federal Rules On Experts This site, which is a listing of experts in a wide range of fields, offers detailed explanations of how courts and lawyers are supposed to use experts. The site has also compiled a list of news stories dealing with expert witnesses, including one detailing the role experts played in the Clinton-Lewinsky case.

Freeadvice.com : Whether you're suing someone who rear-ended you or you've been indicted for perjury, this site offers advice on how to handle your legal situation.

Fire Facts : The United States Fire Administration has collected a number of important facts about fire. For example: The fire death risk for children under age five is nearly double the risk of the average population. The site also has information on how to make your home more fire-resistant.

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Written by David Kohn