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With Obama In The Lead, McCain Heads Back To Pennsylvania

From CBS News' John Bentley:

(PHILADELPHIA) – Despite trailing in several Pennsylvania polls by double digits, John McCain has three rallies planned in the state today to try and stop the momentum Barack Obama has been building in the state.

"I would remind everybody, Barack Obama had the biggest crowd there in Pennsylvania in the primary, and he lost," said McCain campaign manager Rick Davis. "The last thing I've learned in life is, don't believe the press when they tell you you're going to lose the state."

History is not on McCain's side, however; no Republican has won the state in 20 years, when it went for George H.W. Bush in 1988. Of course, that Bush's son went on to win two elections without carrying Pennsylvania. But since a number of other formerly red states have either swung Obama's direction or are now toss-up's, the McCain campaign doesn't feel like they can give up on Pennsylvania's 21 electoral votes.

"We feel like it's tightening nationally, and when that happens, it can tighten in places like Pennsylvania," said McCain senior adviser Nicolle Wallace.