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With Gusher Halted, BP Cuts 600 Skimmers

BP says it has reduced the number of boats skimming for oil in the Gulf of Mexico by more than a quarter.

The move comes after BP stopped oil from barreling into the Gulf of Mexico last week. It has some worried the oil giant is forgetting its promises to heal the region.

About 1,600 boats are now operating daily in waters off Alabama, Florida and Mississippi on any given day.

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The director of BP's "vessels of opportunity" program in the region says it's 600 fewer boats than a week ago.

Matt Kissinger says less oil has been spotted in recent days, so fewer boats are needed to skim for the time being.

Earlier Wednesday, BP denied reports that chief executive Tony Hayward is planning to resign.

The Times of London reported Wednesday that Hayward will step down within 10 weeks

But BP spokesman Robert Wine told CBS News that Hayward, "remains CEO" and "has the full support of the board."

The Times cited company sources as saying that Hayward could depart in late August or September. Some said that Hayward would need to step down to help BP defend against takeover bids by ExxonMobil or Royal Dutch Shell.

Hayward has taken criticism for both the company's bumbling response to the oil spill it sparked on April 20 and for his personal demeanor - stonewalling a Congressional committee and saying on an oi-stained beach that he "want[s] his life back."