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Wisdom, Encouragement And Humor For The Next Generation

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The end of spring semester triggers the beginning of speeches where celebrities, politicians and other high-profile people try to instill knowledge, hope and sometimes humor in the next generation.

This year, while some Northwestern students grumbled about billing Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley instead of someone with a higher profile, Princeton students were graced with Stephen Colberts comedic persona and U. Penns class heard New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Some disappointed by Northwestern U. commencement speaker selection

After an unusually long delay, Northwestern University announced Monday that Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley will address graduates June 20 at this year's commencement ceremony - a choice many seniors say is a disappointment for the 150th class to graduate from NU.

University President Henry Bienen called Daley, who has led Chicago for 19 years, "an eminent Chicago leader and a friend of Northwestern" in an e-mail Monday afternoon.

Full Story from The Daily Northwestern

Colbert to Princeton's Class of 2008: Don't change the world

Gandhi said, you must be the change you want to see in the world, Stephen Colbert told an audience of thousands at the Class Day ceremony this afternoon. But may I also point out he drank his own urine, so lets not go overboard on his advice.

The host and executive producer of The Colbert Report and a one-time presidential candidate in his home state of South Carolina, Colbert drew laughter and applause from the assembled senior class and their families as he poked fun at Princeton traditions and urged the class to maintain the status quo after graduation.

Though the Class of 2008 can change the world, Colbert said, he pleaded with its members to please dont do that.

Full Story from The Daily Princetonian

Bloomberg talks politics at Penn commencement

Commencement speaker and Mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg centered his speech on the upcoming elections.

"You've come at age when no one can say my vote doesn't matter because the election of 2000 proved that every vote counts - or at least every vote that didn't have a hanging chad, but that's another story," he said.

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Disney CEO gets mixed reviews at U. Southern California

Forty thousand gown-clad U. Southern California graduates marched into Alumni Park on Friday morning, their teary-eyed families looking on, toward the end of their college careers and the beginning of the rest of their lives.

The 125th Annual Commencement was marked by keynote speaker Robert Iger, the president and CEO of Walt Disney Co., who emphasized the importance of character in his speech.

"Character will define the life that you build and make sure every action you take demonstrates your integrity," said Iger during his speech.

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QB Marino speaks at U. Pitt

Among the students earning degrees from the University of Pittsburgh this spring, there was one famous honoree: "Dr. Dan"

Dr. Dan, better known as former Miami Dolphin and Pitt quarterback Dan Marino, was the guest speaker at Pitt's commencement ceremony, where 4,317 undergraduate, master's and doctoral students officially became alumni.

Graduating senior Sheila Isong delivered the student response.

Chancellor Mark A. Nordenberg awarded Pitt alumnus Marino an honorary doctoral degree in broadcast journalism, making him the first graduate in Pitt's Class of 2008. Marino said that he will make sure his colleagues at CBS's "The NFL Today" will know of his accomplishment.

"Now they have to refer to me as Dr. Dan," said Marino.

Full Story from The Pitt News

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