Wisconsin school under fire for fake announcement about students being killed

Brodhead High School in Wisconsin. 

CBS Minnesota

WISCONSIN — A small Wisconsin community is under fire for its lesson to teach students about the dangers of distracted driving, CBS Minnesota reported

During the morning announcements, the school told students four of their classmates had been killed in a crash involving texting and driving.

The students were not dead, and an announcement, about 10 minutes later, explained the lesson.

It happened in Brodhead, a rural part of Wisconsin about 100 miles southwest of Milwaukee.

“A lot of our fellow friends and students actually started crying because they thought these people were actually dead,” said student Madison Trombley. “I think a lot of them actually called their parents in school, too.”

Another student, Sam Bolen, said the stunt wasn’t effective.

“They were trying to teach using scare tactics, which doesn’t teach,” he said. “It just makes you not trust the teachers and any of the announcements you’re going to get.”

The superintendent and principal of the school said they only received a few complaints from parents about the drill.

School officials and student organizers say their intention was not to cause stress.