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Wisconsin top election official says Trump campaign has not asked for recount

Ex-Wisconsin governor on calls for recount
Former Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker on Trump campaign's calls for a recount 05:38

Wisconsin's chief election official, Meagan Wolfe, told reporters that the Trump campaign has not contacted her office about conducting a recount, despite the Trump campaign's vow to "immediately" request one. 

Wolfe said Thursday that she was not aware of "any official communications about a recount," noting that the state could not begin a recount now in any event, since officials haven't completed the canvass of votes, as required by state law. 

"They really can't make a request until after we have the certified canvasses from the counties," she said. "Now wouldn't be an appropriate time for them to file."

A canvass is a "triple-check on the election process," Wolfe explained, required under state law. "It's what takes unofficial results and makes them official results," she said.

The process starts with publicly observable checks at polling places. Those physical materials are then sent to counties to check, and the state conducts a third and final check that certifies results. 

A candidate can request a recount in Wisconsin if the margin of victory falls under 1 percentage point. Biden's lead currently stands at 0.6%, and CBS News has projected he will win the state.

If the Trump campaign does eventually request a recount, here's how it would work.

Contributing: Audrey McNamara 

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