Winterize Your Workout

True, it's cold outside, but that doesn't mean you have to move your workout inside. You just need to winterize it!. Joel Weber, an associate editor at Men's Journal, visited The Saturday Early Show to suggest ways to do it.

Key elements for winterizing your workout for the cold weather include waterproof, windproof, moisture absorbing material, and reflective strips, since it gets darker earlier in the winter).

  • Wear layers that are lightweight and tackle two important jobs: To move sweat off the skin and to keep heat in.
  • Start with a thin base layer. Buy this layer if you don't buy anything else. It's next to the skin, where it wicks moisture away from the body so you stay dry. Depending on the conditions, you can add another lightweight layer.
  • You need an outer layer. While the other layers help keep you warm and dry, the outer layer protects you from rain, wind and extreme cold.
  • High-tech fabrics that heat up when wet or wick sweat away from your body mean that you can wear fewer clothes but actually stay warmer throughout your workout.
  • A lot of heat is lost through your head, hands and feet. So it's important to protect them.
  • Remember outdoor safety. There are fewer hours of light in the winter, so make sure that your clothes have reflective panels.
  • Stay hydrated. It's important because cold air can be dry.

    Here are some items featured on The Saturday Early Show:

    Layers for running, brisk walking and other outdoor exercise:

  • Patagonia Performance Wool 2 Zip-Neck, $88
  • Mizuno Breath Thermo Zip Top (men's and women's), $64.95
  • Patagonia performance Wool 2 pants, $82
  • Brooks Elements Vest (men's), $85
  • Helly Hanson Viz (men's), $119.95

    Layers for biking:

  • Novara Stratos jackets, men's and women's, $169
  • Portland Wool Cycling Jersey, $51
  • Rapha Winter Jersey, $225
  • Ibex Dash Tight, $140
  • Sugoi Helix tight, $39
  • Arm warmers - Novara Thermal Tech Arm Warmers – unisex, $22, adds an extra layer of warmth, fitted to move with your body


  • Ear warmers - 180's; Exolite ear warmers (unisex), $30
  • Running gloves - 180s; Convertible Training Gloves. (men's and women's), $20
  • Asics gel-arctic sneakers (men's and women's), $90


  • Novara Headwind Gloves – women's, $39
  • Pearl Izumi Lobster Gloves – XL (men's), $64.99
  • Novara Full Finger Lifeline Gloves – men's, $26
  • Pearl Izumi Amfib Shoe Covers (unisex), $49.99
  • Specialized Neoprene Shoe Covers, $44.95
  • Gavia Plus Cycling Bib – Women's, $239.99