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Winning: Just a normal day where every trick attempted goes AMAZING

(CBS) - Have you ever tried to throw away a piece of trash by going for a "three-pointer?" Or possibly pass an item to someone by kicking it? Now, imagine what would happen if you did that all day long and every single time it worked out perfectly. That, my friends, is this very cool video in a nutshell. The action kicks in at about 10 seconds.

The group that put this video out is called "A Normal Day", but the events that take place in their videos are far from it (at least for this blogger.) This is a very cool compilation clip of amazing tricks that could happen in the course of any given day, but likely won't for most people. 

And if you dig this clip, be sure to click HERE, too.  In it a 12-year-old kid will blow you away with his "beer pong" skills that are unlike anything I've ever seen before (and I've seen a LOT).  Definitely worth watching!

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